Revitalize Your Space with Our Bathroom Design Packages

Our bathroom design packages include everything you need to design your dream bathroom, whether you’re looking to renovate a small bathroom or create an opulent spa-like retreat. Our expert interior design team is passionate about making spaces that not only have a stunning appearance but also operate without a hitch.

Planning your bathroom layout is one of the initial steps in creating the ideal bathroom. This process is simple and enjoyable with the help of our online bathroom planner. You can experiment with various configurations using the tool’s simple drag-and-drop features until you find the one that best suits your space. Before making any commitments, use this virtual planner to visualise and fine-tune your layout, from where to put the washbasin to where to place your bathroom furniture.

Our online planner’s 3D bathroom models give you an immersive view of your future bathroom and let you check out your layout from every angle. With the help of this interactive experience, you can identify potential problems early on and make the necessary adjustments. It makes bathroom design more straightforward and hassle-free by eliminating the element of guesswork.

It can be challenging to select the ideal bathroom furniture, but our design packages make it simple. We are aware that the right accessory can improve the bathroom’s overall aesthetic. Our team of talented designers will assist you in making decisions about pieces that not only express your individual style but also fulfil your functional requirements. Our goal is to design a bathroom that is functional and efficient in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

You get more than just a service when you choose one of our bathroom design packages; you also get a committed partner in your design endeavour. From beginning to end, we work closely with you, assisting you as you start planning your dream space and directing you all the way through to the completion of the design. Everyone, in our opinion, deserves to have a bathroom that perfectly reflects their individual taste and way of life.

Bathroom design can be a difficult task, but with our bathroom design packages, we make it enjoyable and simple. We can take care of either a major remodel or a minor refresh. Why then wait? With us, you can begin the process of designing your dream bathroom right away. Let us realise your vision.

Using the online bathroom planner, you can finalise your initial layout and furniture choices before moving on to the next stage of detailed customization. In order to improve your selections of materials, colours, and finishes, our interior design team will work closely with you. This is the point at which your bathroom starts to take shape.

Do not worry if you struggle with a small bathroom. Every square inch of your space will be maximised and optimised as part of our design packages. We offer creative storage and organisation options to keep your bathroom neat and clutter-free while maintaining its fashionable appearance.

The degree of customization we provide makes our bathroom design packages stand out from the competition. Every little thing is carefully taken into account to make sure your bathroom truly reflects your individual style and way of life. Do you want to look contemporary and simple? Or do you prefer a more traditional, rustic look? No matter what you prefer, we have you covered.

The “drag and drop” facility is one of our design package’s standout features. This feature gives you the autonomy and creative freedom to choose and arrange every piece of bathroom furniture in your intended space. While being guided by our professional designers, you get to be the artist of your own space.

A shopping list customised to your preferred design is included in our comprehensive design package, making the purchasing process quick and easy. The list contains every item you require, from the bigger bathroom furniture pieces to the smallest particulars, ensuring a unified appearance all around.

It’s not necessary to be intimidated by bathroom design. With the help of our bathroom design packages, you can enjoy creating and owning a room that is not only practical but also totally individual. Start planning your dream bathroom with us right away and unleash your imagination. Your dream bathroom can become a reality if we work together.

Desıgn Packages
NO78 Interior Design | Revitalize Your Space with Our Bathroom Design Packages



/ per room


NO78 Interior Design | Revitalize Your Space with Our Bathroom Design Packages



/ per room

Ideal for Open-Concept Spaces*, Blank Canvas & Dual-Functional Rooms 

(Includes 3D Renderings)

NO78 Interior Design | Revitalize Your Space with Our Bathroom Design Packages



/ per room

Best for Larger Spaces* where Extensive Design Support is Needed 

(includes 3d renderings)  

NO78 Interior Design | Revitalize Your Space with Our Bathroom Design Packages



/ per volume


(includes 3d renderings)  





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