Revolutionize Your Living Space with Our Living Room Design Packages

Every home’s living room is where we unwind, host parties, and spend quality time with our loved ones. Therefore, it is only fitting that we give this significant space the best of our attention and style. Making your dream space is now simpler than ever thanks to our living room design packages.

Our design packages provide thorough online interior design services that are adaptable to various tastes, spending levels, and requirements. We strive to deliver room design solutions that reflect your personality and lifestyle with a focus on personalization. Whether you prefer rustic charm, minimalistic chic, or an eclectic mix, our interior design services can help you realise your vision.

How does it function?

The procedure is easy. After you choose one of our living room design packages, we start a video call to talk about your tastes, finances, and room specifications. This discussion enables us to comprehend your needs and guarantees that the final designs accurately represent you.

Our team of skilled designers creates mood boards that present various styling options for your space after learning about your needs. You can visualise various furniture and accessory arrangements in your room using these visual aids. They let you mix and match different concepts until you find the one that resonates with you the most. Making your dream space a reality in this way is simple and hassle-free.

What is it that you get?

Each design package also includes a shopping list along with the mood boards. All of the furniture and accessories suggested in the final designs are linked in this comprehensive list. It facilitates a simple and stress-free procurement process. Additionally, it guarantees that you can accurately reproduce the design in your own home.

You’re not on your own during the design process with our living room design packages. Revisions and ongoing communication are part of our interior design services. Please get in touch with our team if you have any common questions or worries. We would be delighted to help you.

Last but not least, our living room design packages provide a practical and affordable way to renovate your living room. They make it simple to create a space that looks professional and take the guesswork out of room design. You can make memories with your loved ones in a chic, cosy living room with this ticket.

Our design packages are the perfect choice whether you want to redesign your current space or are starting from scratch. Discover how our interior design services can transform your living room as you set out on the path to your dream space with us.

The question “What is the advantage of using a design package?” is one that we get asked frequently. The simple solution is that our design packages streamline the entire interior design and home decoration process. Many people find the idea of interior design intimidating. It can quickly become overwhelming, from choosing the ideal colour scheme to selecting the appropriate furniture and accessories. Our living room design packages can help with that by bringing simplicity and elegance to the room design process.

Each design package is carefully created to accommodate various tastes and price ranges. Our online interior design services are tailored to your preferences and way of life because we recognise the uniqueness of every home and homeowner. Our design package can handle both a complete makeover and a simple refresh of your living room’s appearance.

Including mood boards is one of our design packages’ unique features. These are visual collages of concepts, hues, materials, and furniture that show you what your living room will ultimately look like. It’s like getting a preview of how your room design will look in the future. You can experiment with various styles, mix and match furniture and accessory options, and see your dream space come to life with the help of our mood boards.

We frequently get inquiries about the after-sales support. You can be sure that our work doesn’t end when we give you the final designs and the shopping list. We are devoted to making sure you are delighted with the transformation of your living room. Our design service includes ongoing support as a result. Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions or if you require changes to the design. Always willing and ready to assist, we are.

As a result, our living room design packages are more than just a service. A journey where we accompany you step-by-step and help you realise your vision. We think it’s important to design spaces that illustrate your story. In order to create a living room you’ll adore and enjoy for years to come, let’s set out on this exciting journey together.

Desıgn Packages
NO78 Interior Design | Revolutionize Your Living Space with Our Living Room Design Packages



/ per room


NO78 Interior Design | Revolutionize Your Living Space with Our Living Room Design Packages



/ per room

Ideal for Open-Concept Spaces*, Blank Canvas & Dual-Functional Rooms 

(Includes 3D Renderings)

NO78 Interior Design | Revolutionize Your Living Space with Our Living Room Design Packages



/ per room

Best for Larger Spaces* where Extensive Design Support is Needed 

(includes 3d renderings)  

NO78 Interior Design | Revolutionize Your Living Space with Our Living Room Design Packages



/ per volume


(includes 3d renderings)  





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